Why You Need Social Media

Uncategorized Mar 12, 2019

The importance of Social Media in business cannot be overstated. Many businesses shy away from social media. ‘There’s no time’ ‘My customers aren’t on social media’ ‘I can’t write and don’t know what to post’ are all common reasons.

But social media doesn’t have to be telling the world every time you get a cup of coffee or that you are reading a paper. Social media is a platform to connect with your customers and clients. It’s a way to share information, receive feedback, build a relationship and have fun with individuals who are actively seeking to learn more about your business.

Think of Social Media as free advertising! If someone offered you an opportunity to place a free ad in the newspaper, would you turn it down? Absolutely not, you say. So why wouldn’t you use a platform that’s free and easy to use to get the word out about your business?

Social media gives you the opportunity to reach thousands of people with just one click. You can tell them about your business, what’s new, how you’ve helped others, schedule contests, ask questions, and you can do it all in living color and get instant feedback. You can interact immediately with people reading your page and remember: when they ‘Like’ your business, they share it with friends! When people like what they see (or hear), they instantly share the news with others. And everyone knows word-of-mouth advertising is the most powerful type of advertising there is! A good recommendation or positive word from a client or customer is worth its weight in gold…and you can take that to the bank.

So why not start building a relationship with your audience and expanding your business? Still confused about where to begin? Don’t know how to Tweet? Want to get more Likes? Need an Instagram page or raise your professional profile with LinkedIn? Yellow Dog Designs can help. We’re social experts and can help you create a page or boost the one you already have. Our design and copy team can put your business on the social media map.



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